2nd Independent Veterans Reserve Co




"The Invalid Corps, renamed to the Veterans Reserve Corps (VRC) of the Civil War period was created to make suitable use in a military or semi-military capacity of soldiers who had been rendered unfit for active field service on account of wounds or disease contracted in line of duty, but who were still fit for garrison or other light duty, and were, in the opinion of their commanding officers, meritorious and deserving."



The 2nd IVRC is open to accepting new members. Interested individuals can contact Dave Crichton or Gary Iverson. The primary purpose of the 2nd IVRC is to provide a place for reenactors who might not be physically able to participate in two fights ormore a day, but still wish to participate to their ability (like participating in one fight a day, or maybe not be physically able to take the field at all but still wish to participate in somemilitary fashion). During the Civil War several organizations of the VRC did campaign and engage in direct combat.We will do what we are physically able to do while at re-enactments.


Our initial portrayal is as a RECRUITING STATION.

Every propermeans was used to fill up the corps during the CivilWar as rapidly as possible. In a circular issued May 22, 1863, the Provost-Marshal- General called the attention of officers who had been honorably discharged for wounds and disabilities to the nature of the organization.

He directed that the actingAssistant Provost-Marshal-General of each State should at once open a recruiting station for the corps; that he should attach to it a camp of rendezvous provided with the necessary quarters and subsistence for recruits. They were to be organized, uniformed, equipped, and armed at the camp of rendezvous.

In his capacity of superintendent of recruiting the acting Assistant Provost-Marshal-General of the State was held responsible that the depots should be kept supplied withmaterial for this purpose. Adischarged soldierwishing to enlist went before an enrollment board, and, if judged a proper subject for the corps, received a certificate to that effect. On this document any district provost-marshal would furnish himtransportation to the nearest superintendent of recruiting, who, after satisfying himself that the applicant was of meritorious character, enlisted him.



One of the first steps of theWarDepartment with regard to the corps had been to devise a special uniform for it. For enlistedmen it consisted of a dark-blue forage cap and sky-blue trousers, according to the present regulation, and of a sky-blue kersey jacket, trimmed with dark blue and cut long in thewaist, like that of the U. S. cavalry (current supplier isMilk Creek Sutler (price about $100 plus shipping). Officers were directed to wear a sky- blue frock coat, with collar, cuffs, and shoulder-strap grounds of dark blue velvet, and sky-blue trousers, with a double stripe of dark blue down the outer seam, the stripes half an inch wide and three-quarters of an inch apart. Current issued accoutrements are still in effect as are either the Springfieldmusket in .69 or .58 caliber as well as the .577 caliber Enfield.

Tentage is the federal issue tentage either the shelter tent also known as the Dog tent or the Wedge tent in varying sizes.Wall tents are not authorizedwithout the prior approval of the Headquarters.



The unit will decide which events it will attend regardless of what organization putting the event on.





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