Start of 2011 Calendar

Fellow members of the 71st PVI,

So far we have 4 events in 2011 all squared away to put on your calendar:

  1. Feb 19-20 Presidents Day is Calico in Barstow CA
  2. March 11-12 in March is Picacho Pass in AZ (may be LV det. only)
  3. Sept 3-4 is Labor Day at Huntington Beach in CA
  4. SMR is Oct 29-30 in Las Vegas NV

I assume we will have Blythe and Costa Mesa in the Spring, and OERM again in the fall. Whatever the ACWS comes up with we will prioritize and make honest efforts to attend as they have always supported our Unit in spite of my ugly mug.


Jason Coffey

Coy B Cmdr