Upcoming Events

Sat Sep 01
ACW @ Huntington Beach
Sun Sep 02
ACW @ Huntington Beach
Sun Nov 11
Parade for Veterans Day


Southwest United States Reenacting Associations:

Southern California: http://www.acws.net/

Southern Nevada: http://www.snlha.org/

Arizona: http://www.swcwa.com/

Mid-Californa: http://www.ncwa.org/

Colorado: ___No Websites___

Northern California: http://www.acwa.org/

Northern Nevada: http://www.ccwr.us/

New Mexico: http://newmexicocwcommcongress.org/

Hawaii: http://hawaiihistoricarms.org/



Other Reenacting Groups we work with:

Our "sister" Company of Confederate Infantry: http://www.8thalabama.org/
 Company A of the 71st PVI: http://www.ncwa.org/

Company K of the 71st PVI: http://www.71stpavolinfantry.org

Indianapolis, Indiana Confederate Infantry: http://www.33rdva.com



SUTLERS of "period accurate" Garb and Kit:

G & M Mercantile: http://www.gnmmercantile.com


Valentine's Sutlery http://www.valentinesutlery.com

C & C Sutlery http://www.ccsutlery.com/ 

C.D. Jarnagin http://www.jarnaginco.com/ 

Don Jolley Artist http://www.donjolleyhistoricalart.com/ 



Forums and Other Sources of Information  (USED GEAR CAN BE PURCHASED ON THESE FORUMS)

The Authentic Campaigner - good site for information, and a forum for buying used gear. Strictly authentic. http://www.authentic-campaigner.com/

The Civil War Reenactors - Excellent site for anyone, strictly authentic and those working towards authenticity alike. Also has an excellent forum for buying used gear.  http://www.cwreenactors.com/